8 ways to increase Telegram interaction

Hello my friends .
today we want to talk about the most common smart program, Telegram
A program that has gained many fans today and is very popular among people.
The latest Telegram statistics were in April 2020 and the company announced that it reached 400 million monthly active users.
And predicted that in 2022 this number will reach 1 billion users per month.

You can use Telegram to advertise your products or brand, and the required materials are a smart phone and installing Telegram.
Start right now!
how about ?
Stay with me as I tell you…

1️⃣ Choose a suitable name

When a child is born, his/her parents choose a suitable name for him and even many families choose a name for them months before the birth of their baby.
So it’s enough to know that the first step in growing something is to choose a suitable name and it has an amazing effect.
Telegram is the same, if you are looking for a good and effective channel with active members, first choose a good and special name.
From the beginning, it has been an admirable idea to be new and far from any imitation.
Do not try to imitate the popular and crowded channels even in naming.
Do you like your two daughters to have the same name?
So think deeply about this subject and even think of a short and special name for days.

2️⃣ Make your own logo

Make a special logo and put it as your channel’s profile picture in Telegram.
Create your own unique logo because you are unique. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Create a logo so that whenever someone mentions the name of your channel, your logo design will quickly be drawn in their mind.
For example, now, if the name of my high school physics teacher is mentioned, the image of that dark blue jacket and light blue shirt with shiny leather shoes is immediately formed in my mind, with his black pen in which he always got lost in the class, wow, how much he was always asking for lessons of his students
we experienced scary Tuesdays with him…
Oh, how far I have strayed from the main topic…how can I do it? Suddenly, when I hear his name, all the things I said are imprinted in my mind.

Just decide and do it.

3️⃣ Create a username

After choosing a suitable name for your channel and creating your desired logo, now it’s time for a username.
Username will help you a lot to increase your channel members.
It is not hard work.
join me…
Just put your username the same as your channel name and after
Enter your username (after /)
In this way, without people having your mobile number, they can find you just by searching your username in Telegram.

4️⃣ Introduce your channel

Review the previous three.
Now it’s time to introduce your channel.
Even if a person is present in your channel, he or she should know your channel and purpose.
so introduce with detailed explanations.
Preferably do this in the description section.
(Of course, I have another suggestion for you, dear,
ones in addition to introducing your channel in the description section, you can design a message in the form of a detailed introduction of yourself and what your purpose is for creating this channel, and before creating any post , put it in your channel and pin this message in the early days.)

5️⃣ Search and research

Shall we talk a little?
I want to go with Emily to buy shoes tomorrow morning.
I did a lot of research before buying shoes, what are the characteristics of a good shoe? what gender is it ?
which brand is better?
which design do I like the most? and which one do I have with the shoes I am considering? It matches my clothes… Ah, excuse me, do you really know Emily? She is my older sister who is always with me as a guide
Okay! I have no doubt that you also research everything and increase your information and then take action. If you have the right guide, you can quickly find new and loyal members.
It means that you should first know what your channel is about and then search and find channels that are similar to yours and read it carefully from the first post to the last and follow them, but imitation is prohibited, only design and Know their general idea.

6️⃣ Be on time

Respect your channel members, even if their number is very small, you must not have many members of your channel so that you can make a regular plan for them.
You must have had a date with your friends, how do you feel when you arrive half an hour late? This is definitely not very pleasant.
Try to post on your channel at a certain time and on certain days, for example :
If you make two posts or articles on Monday morning, post exactly the same post on Monday morning of the next week.
If you post three days a week, do the same for the following weeks. Let’s find your loyal members, so your channel members will feel good about your


7️⃣ Clean up

Clearing !
Suppose you are sitting in biology class, but your teacher teaches math!!!!!!
what happens?
To be honest, if i were you ,
I would have liked you badly and would have left the class faster…
Now imagine about Telegram
like a class, your members definitely don’t like unrelated posts and content,
and even if I’m looking for the channel i want right now and want to become a member, if a post unrelated to my desired topic,
Let me see, i will leave there with one click.
how about you?

8️⃣ Take advertisements seriously!

There are several ways to introduce your channel to other people:

1) I and many other people are members of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. (I have already talked about Instagram)
If you are looking to increase the number of people in your channel, Do not neglect the power of advertising on Instagram and other social media, just announce it there and ask your followers to visit your channel.

2) You can from the admins
Ask other channels to advertise for you and you also advertise their channel, but first of all, you should pay attention to the content of that person’s channel, as well as the number of members and views of his posts, If the channel is not interesting or if the number of views per post is very limited.
So don’t waste your time.


An easy and wonderful way
You can have a lot of new and real people in your channel at once. This ad is paid, but it’s worth it. Try it even once!