How to increase your engagement on Instagram in 2023!

A few steps to real profit!
Learn interesting ways to increase profitability in an interesting program called Instagram.

October 2022

Maybe more than half of the people (I say confidently and boldly) use Instagram only to share their favorite photos and videos or just to follow the news of the day,
but if you install Instagram as a tool for business.
You have done it, I congratulate you.
You are several steps ahead.
But for this progress, you don’t just need followers, in fact your followers are people and these people need to interact and talk.
Sometimes your words with your audience may have a significant impact on your work!
Try it!
Don’t just look for likes, I mean, when you are trying to reach an ideal weight, exercising is not enough, you must also watch your diet.
So, exercise and diet are complementary to each other to reach the ideal weight

Real views and comments or just a followers count?

In fact, in terms of Instagram’s workspace, the goal is a wider scale of visitor statistics and likes.
In fact, the growth and interest rate of my and your followers is in the number of comments, the number of saving posts and mentions.
These show that our interactions are real and that the people who are on my and your page are interested in the contents of the page

Forward to the great Engagment!

Get to know these:

– Likes and comments
– Carousel posts
– Hashtags
– Stories
– Live

Well, let’s go over the stairs together
Come with me!

The first step : Target

go to your page (work), assume that the people who follow you (even if they are strangers) are your close friends,
just as you know the taste of your close friend, what kind of color or design of clothes and food he likes.
Come on, you are obliged to know the taste of your followers and present your products accordingly. for example:
If 60% of your audience are teenagers and young people, focus more on the products they like and like for these people, but!!!!!!! Do not ignore the other 40% of people
because they also take the time to follow you.
(My suggestion to you, my dear friend, is to make your audience fully aware of this issue by posing a question or by general voting such as yes or no questions in the form of two-answer questions.)

The second step : Motivation

We are still on our way,
Stay with me with energy!
Be yourself !
You and I and your neighbor or the passerby that I am looking at from the window of my room right now,
we are all human and we have fallen into habits that are a part of our daily life, there is no need in the virtual space,
not just Instagram, from our real selves.
Be so distant that our audience does not feel good about us.
Be like yourself, my dear friend!
Even sometimes, share a post from behind the scenes of your work. When your audience sees that you accompany them with all honesty, you will definitely receive a lot of good energy.
For example, as I am writing this article, everything around me is not perfect, my room has no place to walk because there are enough clothes on the floor, or my laptop is warning that it has no more charge to continue, the samovar is boiled. and it is happening to me and there is no one to answer it….
Okay ? If I can share these, you will definitely understand that behind every literary or scientific or fictional writing or whatever… there are very irregular writers with chaotic lives.
This means that I am human like you!

The third step: Professional media

I don’t think my audience is boring, so I will continue.
When you go to a studio or ask a photographer to take professional photos of you,
what do you expect from the end result?
Undoubtedly, you also want your photos to be perfect and the best. any way because you have invested your time and money for this.
Well, about the social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is the same.
If you want to share something, value yourself first,
because you are spending the most golden and irreversible thing on this, that is, time.
So try to share the best of everything to get the best.
For example, I plan to go to my grandmother’s house on Tuesday evening and photograph her old yard.
Now I think that maybe my grandfather’s dirty bike with that beautiful apple tree with its orange leaves will give more soul to my photo, or maybe my older brother’s hat would be a good idea for a photo shoot and have a share in my photo,
Because his hat is one of those leather hats with a shiny brown color that It fascinates every viewer
Okay ? Did you see? I die for my photography so that they die for me
Hurry up!
Create a beautiful frame

Fourth step: Carousel posts

Well, breathe!
Let’s begin ?
Now you and I seem to have things to share and introduce our products.
For example : I have five images and I want to share them,
if I share each of these images in the form of separate posts and there are five posts on my page, would you be interested in all five? To put the image in the form of a post, but in a page-by-page format?
To be honest, I like the excitement of Carousel posts more because I don’t know what is hidden inside this post….
It is also interesting to know that according to the Instagram
algorithm these types of posts are displayed more often and have a higher chance of being seen.

Fifth step : Caption

Well, now you and I tried our best to share the best pictures or videos on our social page.
Can you pass it by without describing it to your audience?
Really, the value of a post on Instagram is its description and explanation,
so write valuable captions as much as you can.

The sixth step: Time

Hum…? Yes?
Hi mom… Oh sorry,
I completely forgot about this,
I’ll be there in half an hour.

Well, I apologize to the readers of this article, I forgot the important appointment that my mother told me earlier, I have to reach my mother’s house in half an hour, the elders of the family have come to our house tonight.
But before that, I want to tell you something important:
Be punctual!
Aboute to Instagram ,
share the posts you have prepared at the right time (usually at night when people are sleeping, posting does not have a good effect)
So be punctual and practice it.
Don’t be like me, I may have less than half an hour to get myself to the party, but I’m still at your service and busy writing…

Seventh step: Discussion

Coffee ! Here you are…
Well, my fatigue disappeared by drinking a cup of coffee,
I suggest you too.
I would like to start today’s topic by asking a question.
Are you ready?
Someone who is very respectful and appreciable to you ,
asks you a question or criticizes you, how will you answer him? Undoubtedly, your answer is that you will talk to him with respect and logic.
Well, if someone on your social page asks you a question about your product (either in the public section, i.e. comment or in the private section, i.e. Direct) or if he criticizes your product, you should definitely answer him completely and with full understanding.

Eighth step: Save post

We are slowly approaching the end of the way

I have already talked about trying to share the right posts
But if you refer to Instagram, sometimes you don’t have enough time to watch a video or read an article, but despite this,
you are very eager to watch and read the post, so you save the desired post so that you can access it later when you have enough time. have that access. What I mean is that you should post posts that your audience will not miss in any way, which means that even your post should be able to be saved.
Can you be so professional?
You can definitely…

Ninth step: Hashtags

There is nothing left until the end…
Have you ever used hashtags?
If you have a valuable post, it is enough to use only a few hashtags but in the right format to see its effect,
in general, according to the statistical community, ten hashtag or less is a good number to look professional.
For example: if you work in the field of architecture and decoration design and your post is related to the design of the green space at home, you can use # related to it in the caption because there may be people who search these hashtags in Explorer,
with the page get to know you

10th step: Story

There is only one more step left…
Well, my dears, until now all our attention was on sharing the post and how to place it and the details related to it, but Instagram has another feature called story.
If you want my opinion, access to stories is much more, so people who are interested in your page will be attracted to your story, and it is a good excuse to visit your page.

And the last step : Live

Do not be tired …
Now that I am writing this for you, I wish we could have talked for hours in front of each other
But?! Maybe we can!
how about you?
Would you like to talk face to face with your followers?
Share your thoughts and…
So try it and start live on your page

Thank you for accompany with me